Residential Building

Nicks Philosophy.

For over 25 years now Nick Goode Construction has been at the forefront of custom residential building in the South West and Perth. He is constantly looking to push the boundaries of what can be done within the construction and design industry. Nick believes that above all else innovation and quality are what makes a home stand out. This is what makes their owners fall in love with them. to that end Nick Goode Construction are constantly looking to see what is being done differently around the world. Nick then uses this as inspiration to create designs that not only have the wow factor, but are functional, efficient and beautiful.

Nick Goode Construction’s strengths are built around a strong reputation for outstanding residential building. This reputation has been built around our extensive knowledge and experience surrounding all aspects of building and Nick’s emphasis on the research and implementation of new and exciting building materials and concepts. Our strong connections with importing high end international building materials materials allow us to source unique products that will make a clients home truly one of a kind

Flexibility has become a necessity in the building industry. At Nick Goode Construction flexibility is paramount to creating a strong relationship with the client and delivering a home with the bespoke finishes and high end touches Nick Goode is known for. with the ability to travel almost anywhere to build and the skill to handle any type of residential construction, Nick Goode Construction is ready to create your perfect home. Contact us today to find out how we can help build your dream into reality.


Right People, Right Result.

The key to creating amazing homes is using the right tradespeople. Nick Goode employs some of the most skilled tradespeople in the South West. Their skills, knowledge and experience working means that our quality is never in question.

Whilst Nick Goode Construction is based in Dunsborough, we build all over the South West, from Margaret River to Bunbury. Nick is also heavily involved in the Perth building scene. 

By incorporating new building materials and utilising new, exciting building methods, we build at the very edge of highly sustainable, energy efficient houses. We see client interaction as an integral part of the building process. Our houses are personalised from the ground up to suit the client specifically. Nick Goode Construction homes represent an extension of the client and as such we rely on a close and personal relationship with them to deliver outstanding results.