24 Oct 2017

Sustainable Solutions – Energy Efficient Building Part 2

Part 2 of our look at some of the best energy efficient building products on the market delves into the world of the MasterWall System. Nick Goode Constructions has utilized MasterWall on several builds, most notably on a current project in the Dunsborough Lakes area.

(Click here for part 1 of sustainable solutions.)

MaterWall Systems

MasterWall is similar in many ways to the SIPS system we talked about previously. It contains a polystyrene core that both creates an air lock for the house and maintains constant temperatures year-round. The notable difference is that MasterWall can be used with a conventional timber frame house. You might be wondering why this is important. We wondered the same thing. What’s really exciting about this system is that the use of timber framing allows the addition of regular insulation bats within the skeleton of the structure. So not only do you get an energy rating of R3.4 for the MasterWall system but also insulation from the frame itself. Using 75mm polystyrene Nick was able to achieve an R5.0 rating from just the walls.

Something else that sets MasterWall apart from other products on the market – and a reason we love to work with it – is that is made to be used with a textured rendered finish over the exterior. Nick has used this look to full effect in his most recent build, creating a gleaming rendered finish that stands out from everything else in the area.


The real benefit that MasterWall has for your house begins to show in its protective properties and resistance to both fire and exposure to water, wind and salt. The system is highly weather resistant. This goes beyond a simple waterproofing material.  It is effective against both water penetration and the resistant to high water pressure. As well as that it isn’t damaged by salt spray, making it perfect for your holiday home near the beach.

For anyone wanting to build on a rural property or somewhere located in bush land, MasterWall panels are flame proof and flame retardant. The MasterWall system is perfect for any BAL rated property which is becoming increasingly crucial for homes built in and around bush fire prone areas and more generally any rural or semi-rural property. If you live in an area that suffers from the threat of bush-fire or flooding choosing products that have energy efficient advantages as well as highly resistant and protective properties becomes integral. With MasterWall you aren’t forced to choose one or the other. This makes it the perfect product for dealing with the harsh Australian summers and fierce winters. Regardless of whether you live on a rural farm property, live in a small semi-rural town or even the city the importance of resistant, safe building products cannot be overstated.

If you are after a product that will make your house sustainable, energy efficient, cut down on energy bills and give it a unique finish then MasterWall could be the perfect product for you. If you want to build a house that will protect you, save you money and look absolutely stunning in the process then contact us now and let us make your dream a reality.